While Turkey's digital education platform ranked among the most clicked education portals of the world during the distance education process that began as a part of the coronavirus measures, experts of the Ministry of National Education continue to revamp the system infrastructure in order to respond to intensive demand. "EBA Assistant" with artificial intelligence and developed by Turkish engineers is put into use for responding to frequently asked questions about distance education.

"EBA Assistant" is put into use in order to immediately respond to user questions, solve problems and allow users to use the system in the most effective way possible.
"EBA Assistant" developed in a quality that it can be an example for whole world can immediately respond almost 100 frequently asked questions in 10 different topics defined by the Ministry of National Education experts.
Students, teachers and parents can find answers as if they refer them to a live person in "EBA Assistant" application about subjects such as how to get a password, how to renew a password, lesson program search, test results, contact teachers and lesson reviews.
Different from rule based chatbot, "EBA Assistant" is mainly uses artificial intelligence technologies. "EBA Assistant" developed by Turkish engineers by using a natural language processor and machine learning technologies will learn more when users keep asking questions and will give better answers.
How I can reach "EBA Asisstant"?
EBA Asisstant can be seen at the upper right corner of front page of the www.eba.gov.tr web address. Students, teachers or parents can click on an orange smiling face icon in order to use this application.
When users ask question such as ; "How I can get a password?", "How can I enter the system?", "Which classes are available for 3rd grade students?" and "How can I ask a question to my teacher?" in the EBA Assistant application, the artificial intelligence system of the application understands the question and gives related answers and directs users. For example, the application finds the lesson program for your 4th grade student child and brings it on the screen. Or, if you are going to get a password for the first time, the application gives simple and easy to understand directions required getting a password.
"We displayed a strong example of public-private sector cooperation"
Making comments about EBA Assistant, Minister of National Education ZiyaSelçuk said: "Many new applications are put into use in Turkey due to coronavirus and our country's ability to adapt to innovations easily allows us to go through this process with success. As the Ministry of National Education, we are working in an effort to develop the EBA system that we use in order to provide education to children while schools are in recess at a level that can set an example to the whole world. We quickly detect the shortcomings of the system and ask ourselves how we can develop it. At this point, one of the most experienced companies of the country in the field of artificial intelligence, the CBOT supported us with its developed local artificial intelligence technology and we displayed a strong example of public-private sector cooperation. This cooperation shows how our country can be self sufficient. With EBA Assistant, our students, teachers and parents can ask any question to the system like they are talking to a friend and natural language processor technology will understand the question and find the answer in the data reserved in the Ministry of National Education system in order to give the right answer to the user."
"This extraordinary period is an opportunity for digitalizing our country"
Noting that this extraordinary period experienced all over the world can be used as an opportunity for digitalizing Turkey in the real sense, founder and CEO of CBOT Mete Aktaşsaid and made the following comments about the EBA Assistant which was put into use in cooperation with the Directorate General of Innovations and Education Technologies; "CBOT has been working in public offices and agencies and private institutions in order to evaluate digitalization in the sector and its benefits since 2017 and our solutions were ready. We are proud to use our domestic artificial intelligence to support the Ministry of National Education during the period when distance education became inevitable in line with our social responsibility mentality. We have no doubt that our country will get over this process with unity and solidarity. We focused on the aftermath of this process and decided to give close support to digitalization of all institutions. At this point, EBA Assistant project is an example for the world in terms of digitalization.

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