"1000 Schools in Vocational Education Project" with a 1 billion lira budget which was initiated a year ago with the purpose of decreasing success differences among schools and reinforcing vocational education has enriched the education environment of schools.

The Ministry of National Education has taken important steps in the improvement of vocational education in line with its goal to prepare young people to the developing and changing World.

Within this framework, the Ministry initated "1000 Schools in Vocational Education Project" with the "Future Depends on Vocational Education" slogan in November 2020.

Within the scope of the Project, a number of activities were carried out in the 1000 vocational and technical schools selected from all parts of the country according to certain criteria with the purpose of decreasing success differences among schools, improving schools and transforming vocational and technical education into a demand sensivite, employment focused system that ccoperates with sector stakeholders.  

The project focused on improvement of education environment and basic skills of students, giving vocational guidance and organizing training programs for teachers and parents.

1000 Schools in Vocational Education Project Closing and 50 R&D Opening Ceremony was held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer at Beştepe National Congress and Culture Center.

Minister Özer said during his speech at the ceremony that the government has allocated 1 billion liras for the vocational education as a part of the project and mentioned improvements in the vocational and technical education.

Training Programs for Administrators and Students

Within the scope of the project, the Ministry has prepared 18 thousand and 977 training programs about various different subjects such as raising awareness about the project, personal improvement and leadership, project productivity and on job training. Total of 313 thousand and 42 people, 32 thousand and 984 of them being administratives and 280 thousand and 58 teachers attended these training programs.

Maintenance and renovation of 692 school buildings were completed, new libraries established in selected 1000 schools and technological infrastructure of 1669 existing librarires improved with the purpose of improving the education environment.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs were established in 1000 schools. Production activities of 462 schools were increased and 544 workshops and labs were founded in an effort to support production in these schools. Existing 282 workshops and labs were updated and 10 thousand smart boards were installed in 403 schools. 

Basic Skill Education Support

Within the context of basic skill education support, the Ministry organized support training programs participated by 40 thousand and 951 students. The Ministry also provided 358 thousand and 831 free education materials to 2 thousand and 464 schools and organized 6 thousand and 544 support courses for 62 thousand and 282 students.

Personal Improvement Support

As a part of personal improvement support activities, 45 thousand and 37 teachers and 81 thousand and 323 students attended first aid awareness training programs and 205 thousand and 172 students received psychosocial  improvement support. The Ministry founded 126 youth centers in different parts of the country and organized 5 thousand and 429 career days participated by 103 thousand and 578 students and theatre and movie shows attended by  15 thousand and 27 students.

Moreover, 320 thousand and 708 students attended 9 thousand and 494 substance addiction seminars organized in 2 thousand and 510 schools.

9 thousand and 228 people attended 924 different training programs organized by Public Traning Centers for parents.

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