The Ministry of National Education has prepared a film regarding the projects carried out in education in 2022 and the goals for 2023. In the film, which was shared with the message "The Century of Türkiye Will Be the Century of Education", the target of doubling the number of educational institutions in access to pre-school education, the increase of schooling rate at all levels to 95 percent for the first time, projects carried out in vocational education, adult education, and education of individuals with special needs were included. 

A video was shared with the message: "A new era is dawning in education. The Century of Türkiye will be the century of education."
The Ministry of National Education, which has achieved and even exceeded its 2022 targets, has doubled its target by creating 6 thousand and 4 new kindergarten capacities in 2022 in order to increase access to pre-school education. The schooling rate in secondary education rose from 90 percent to 95.06 percent, and the schooling rates in all education levels rose to 95 percent and above for the first time.
It is aimed to increase the schooling rate at age 3 from 16 percent to 50 percent, at age 4 from 38 percent to 70 percent, and at age 5 from 99 percent to 100 percent in 2023.
With the implementation of an early warning and tracking system, efforts will be made to reduce school absenteeism and dropout rates, as well as to achieve 99 percent and above schooling rates in all education levels.
The number of apprentices and journeymen in vocational education centers increased 7 times and reached 1 million 200 thousand in order to strengthen vocational education. The number of apprentices and journeymen will be increased to 1 million 500 thousand next year.
As part of ensuring equal opportunity in education, 160 million supplementary resources were distributed for free at all grade levels, and another 200 million will be distributed for free next year.
Within the scope of the "The Village Life Centers" project, 2 thousand and 200 village schools have started to serve again. All inactive village schools will be transformed into village life centers in 2023.
16 thousand 361 new libraries were built in 3 months as part of "No more schools without libraries". The number of books in libraries increased from 28 million to 100 million. The number of books in schools will have been increased to 150 million next year by enriching the reading resources.
13 million 386 thousand 915 people have benefited from the public education centers. 15 million people will benefit from them next year.
A 7 billion lira budget was sent directly to all schools to meet the cleaning, stationery, minor repairs and equipment needs of schools for the first time. The implementation will continue next year.
Teachers were provided with distance education through the digital platform of the Teacher Information Network (ÖBA), which was established this year. The average training hours per teacher was increased from 44 hours to 250 hours, and it is aimed to increase it to 350 hours next year.
With the "Teaching Profession Law" that came into force on February 14, 2022, the teaching profession was defined as a specialty profession.
In the video where all the projects and goals were shared, it is said: "We support the development of generations that are productive, can think creatively and critically and have strong communication and cooperation. We plan the future shoulder to shoulder with our children. While we are building the educational environment, we write the future together, and work in force with the same enthusiasm and understanding. Now a new era is dawning in education. The Century of Türkiye will be the century of education."
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