The Amendment on the Regulation on Preschool Education and Primary Education Institutions of the Ministry of National Education was published in today's issue of the Official Gazette.

In pursuant of the amendment made in the Regulation, kindergarten classes will be opened only within the primary school so that preschool children can receive education together with the primary school students closest to them in age and development. The kindergarten classes could previously be opened in secondary schools, high schools, BİLSEM and similar educational institutions.
In order to ensure unity in the legislation, definitions of single education, double-shift education and provisions regarding the Ministry of National Education Geographic Information System (MEBCBS) were added to the Regulation in order to ensure digital recording of schools and registration areas.
While preparing teachers' weekly course schedules, the situations of disabled teachers, teachers who are obliged to look after their disabled relatives, and teachers who have children under the age of 36 months were taken into account.
Transfers has been made easier
In order for students to be able to eat comfortably, one of the break times in schools was ensured to be at least 20 minutes long.
Starting from the 2024-2025 school year, these transactions will be carried out automatically through the e-School system in order to ensure a balanced distribution of students to branches. In addition, the teachers who will teach the branches will be determined through this system.
Before the regulation, transportation was only provided to children whose parents were working. With the amendment, transportation was facilitated for orphaned children and children who have severe disabilities in their families.
Regulation regarding school absences
With the regulation, the situation of the student who does not come to school or does not attend one or more classes without an excuse will be notified to his/her parents. Notifications will be made on the 5th, 10th and 15th days of absence.
For students who have a disease requiring continuous treatment or organ transplantation, for students with special education needs who continue their education through full-time integration/integration, and for students who are under protection and care in line with the official reports of social service, security and public order units the notification will be provided on the 30th day of their absence.
Responsibility for seasonal agricultural workers to access education
In order to ensure access to education in line with the best interest of the student, seasonal agricultural workers and nomadic and semi-nomadic families were given the responsibility of informing the schools where their children are enrolled about the places they will go to work, enrolling their children in the schools where they go, and ensuring that their children to regularly attend their schools.
Primary school students who are beyond the age of compulsory primary education were directed to the public education center so that they could be followed up, continue their education, and take literacy level determination exams.
Point evaluation has been abolished in the 4th grade of primary school, as the development levels of students in pre-school education and primary schools will be evaluated through observation forms for participation in individual and group activities under teacher guidance, game-based evaluations of students, and measurement and evaluation tools aimed at fulfilling assigned tasks.
Additionally, the "sufficient" criterion was added to enable detailed evaluation of student development levels in primary schools.
The grade passing score was increased to 70 for Turkish lessons and 50 for other courses
The passing grade was increased from 45 to 70 for the Turkish course and 50 for other courses. The branch teachers' board will decide whether the students who score below these scores will pass or fail the class.
The criteria for receiving awards in secondary and imam-hatip secondary schools have been updated by taking into account the average score of 70 for the Turkish course and 50 for other courses.
Since the Regulation on Assessment and Evaluation of the Ministry of National Education, which was prepared by creating a new approach to assessment and evaluation, came into force, the necessary arrangements were made in order to carry out the exams in accordance with this regulation.
Precautions regarding the use of information tools
In order to prevent technology addiction and misuse of IT devices, school principals will take precautions regarding the possession and use of mobile phones, cameras, and IT devices with image and audio recording capabilities in schools and their extensions. Sanctions may be imposed for behavior that violates these measures.
The teachers who give birth are exempt from be on duty for 2 years
The 1-year right of teachers giving birth to not be on duty has been increased to 2 years in order to ensure that the mother and child can stay longer together.
Written permission will be required from the student for the protection of personal data
In order to protect students' personal data within the framework of Law No. 6698, sharing of students' photographs, images and voices on social media without permission was prohibited and written permission was required from the student under the supervision of the parent and guidance teacher.
Contributions will be made available to support children's basic needs, self-care processes and the implementation of the education program in pre-school education institutions.
"Daily classroom manager" application will be implemented for students
The "daily classroom manager" practice was introduced to help students take an active role in the school by developing a sense of responsibility.
Considering the safety and educational hours of the students on duty in regional boarding secondary schools, the dormitory guards kept by the students were abolished.
It has been stipulated that medicines other than first aid materials should not be kept in the first aid cabinets in schools. The first aid cabinets should be used by the staff in case of need.
No contribution will be collected in provinces affected by the earthquake
Students with diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, celiac and similar chronic diseases will be provided with easy access to their mobile phones in educational institutions in order to monitor these students.
In order to carry out educational activities in a safe and qualified environment in pre-school education institutions, activity/game rooms, playgrounds and gardens will be enriched with tools that can meet the developmental needs of children.
According to the regulation, it was decided that no contribution would be charged to pre-school education institutions in 11 provinces affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes that occurred on February 6, valid from the 2023-2024 school year.

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