"Let's Say Stop to Addiction Together" Introductory Program was held in Ankara with the participation of Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer and Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu.

"Let's Stop Addiction Together" Introductory Program, which covers the organization of trainings for students, teachers, school administrators and parents in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Interior, in order to fight against addiction that threatens public health and safety, was held at the MEB Council Hall in Ankara. 
Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said that the Ministry is not only successful in academic terms; but they are working to raise generations who are aware of their language, history and geography and integrated with their culture and art. 
Minister Özer gave bad news about the precious Firdevs Gülben Pekmezoğlu, who fell ill while working as a Turkish teacher in Germany, leaving her hometown and family for the country's cause. Özer gave the bad news that the teacher Firdevs, who was brought to Turkey by ambulance plane with the help of the Ministry of Health and taken under treatment in Adana, passed away. Özer wished that her soul rest in peace in Heaven.  
Noting that the issue of addiction is a matter of national security, Minister Özer stated that the most permanent capital for the country is human capital and that the quality of human capital will increase with education. Emphasizing that this capital could not be used efficiently in the early 2000s, Özer said that this delay has been compensated for in the last two decades under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Özer noted that the schooling rate in 5 old age groups and pre-schools rose from 11 percent to 99 percent, the schooling rate in primary school increased to 99.63 percent, the schooling rate in secondary school increased to 99.44 percent and the schooling rate in secondary education increased to 95 percent. Reminding that the headscarf ban and the coefficient regulation have been lifted, Özer underlined that under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Türkiye has developed projects to overcome all obstacles and take the steps for the ' Century of Türkiye'.
Stating that the framework for the fight against substance addiction has been drawn, Özer said that there is another invisible addiction called "behavioral addictions" that condemns young people to spend time in their homes in the virtual environment, thus preventing the transfer of culture in every country. He stated that they will fight against all these types of addiction.
Stressing that every step taken to solve a problem in education also facilitates the solutions of problems in different fields, Özer stated that preschool education strengthens both cognitive and noncognitive skills of children and increases equality of opportunity in education.
Expressing that individuals who attend preschool education are more likely to stay in education and employment compared to those who do not, and their rates of involvement to crime and substance addictions are lower, Özer emphasized that they have the opportunity to raise generations resistant to substance dependence with the popularization of preschool education. She emphasized that with the kindergarten project initiated under the auspices of Ms. Emine Erdoğan, the number of kindergartens, which was 2 thousand 782, was increased to 6 thousand and 4 by the end of 2022. Stating that this success was recorded in four stages, Özer said that they first built a new kindergarten, then in turn; He explained that they turned the idle buildings into kindergartens, that they used the science and art centers as kindergartens during the day, and that they used the empty classrooms in any school as kindergartens.
Stating that vocational training is also a part of the fight against addiction, Özer reminded that a move was made towards the vocational training law in December 2021, and that the President Erdoğan set a target of one million apprentice journeymen. This number has reached 1 million 200 thousand apprentices and journeymen by the end of 2022.
Pointing out that OECD countries do not use parameters to prevent addictions to individuals in education and employment, Özer said that the steps taken in vocational education will strengthen the fight against substance addictions.
Stating that they attach importance to the concept of family, Özer stated that women are carriers of civilization and culture, and children learn the language from their mothers. Underlining that language and culture are interdependent, Özer said that they should focus on projects that will strengthen the family, and together with the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu. He stated that they started the project called "Family School" and that they reached 1 million 110 thousand citizens in 81 provinces in four months. Özer emphasized that they have stepped into a much more comprehensive project that aims to reach a total of 25 million citizens, including 19 million students, 1 million 200 thousand teachers and 5 million parents, within a month and a half.
Saying that they will reshape the roadmap by making an evaluation together with the Minister of Interior Soylu in the first week of March, Özer expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported the project. He also thanked the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, for the support on development of healthy and regular school climates.
"We can reach 25 million people in the fight against addiction"
Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu explained that he attended the Meeting of the Committee on Combating Violence Against Women, and said that the year 2022 was evaluated at the meeting and the importance of education was once again understood. Stating that within the scope of the study they conducted with universities, nearly 1000 people were interviewed in prisons in a year, Soylu said that 71 percent of those who killed their spouses used alcohol and 40 percent used drugs, and that 81 percent of drug addicts were also addicted to cigarettes.
Soylu stated that they have drawn up a common roadmap in the fight against cybercrime and that they provided face-to-face training to 5 million 900 thousand children about the cyber world last year.
Stating that they will achieve success in the fight against drug addiction and that they will set an example to the whole world as Turkey, Soylu stated that their duty is to build the future of children both in the country and around the world with their own understanding.
Soylu stated that as part of the "Best Narcotics Police MOTHER" project, they have reached 1.5 million mothers and will take a step in the fight against addiction by reaching 25 million people in the near future.
"Let's Say Stop to Addiction Together" program
As part of the Training Program on Addiction Prevention of Türkiye (TBM), training will be given by psychological counselors and guidance teachers in accordance with age and developmental levels over substance, alcohol, tobacco, technology addiction and healthy life modules to all students.
Seminars on combating addiction will be organized through the Teacher Information Network (ÖBA) to all guidance teachers, psychological counselors and school administrators, in order to raise awareness about addiction.
In addition, an addiction training program will be organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior by guidance teachers and psychological counselors for parents in order to support students in fighting against addiction. Provincial police directorates and gendarmerie commands will contribute to activities on awareness raising regarding narcotic crimes, reduction of supply in the fight against substance abuse and legal processes.

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