Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin attended the Provincial Education Evaluation Meeting held in Van.

Minister Yusuf Tekin visited Governor of Van Ozan Balcı for the first time in Van, where he went to make various contacts. Attending the Van Provincial Education Evaluation Meeting, Minister Tekin said in his statement after the meeting that nearly 20 million students across the country will start school on Monday.
Stating that there is excitement in families, parents, children and teachers, Tekin stated that there is also excitement in the central organization of the Ministry. Stating that they also visited the provinces and were very excited, Minister Tekin stated that they took precautions regarding deficiencies and disruptions. Stating that the other teams in the Ministry are in the same effort in other provinces of Anatolia, Minister Tekin wished to complete the academic year in a healthy and safe manner. On this occasion, Minister Tekin wished a bright, successful, happy and healthy school year to the parents and students, especially the teachers, and wished not to experience anything bad like the disasters they have experienced in recent years.
Emphasizing that pandemics and earthquakes have seriously disrupted the education and training process, Tekin underlined that they need to work a little more diligently in the education process in order to carry out studies that can eliminate these and reinforce them.
Stating that they visited Van to identify the things that could be done and the deficiencies as of the beginning of the academic year, Minister Tekin stated that they discussed all the education and training processes in Van in the meeting that lasted approximately two hours. Stating that the Ministry of National Education acts comfortably where the central government, governors, district governors, local governments, municipalities and politicians are in harmony, Minister Tekin said that these units facilitate the work of the Ministry. Minister Tekin evaluated that the harmony between units will contribute to the education process in Van.
"The number of classrooms increased from 3 thousand 695 to 11 thousand 464"
Stating that the number of teachers in Van, which was 6 thousand 85 in 2002, increased three times and reached 18 thousand 390, Minister Tekin noted that a significant progress has been made in the number of classrooms.
Noting that the city has developed in the field of education, Tekin stated that the number of classrooms, which was 3 thousand 695 at the beginning of the 2002-2003 academic year, increased to 11 thousand 464. Stating that the number of students per classroom in 2002 was 50 in primary schools, it is now 23, Minister Tekin underlined that there is a half improvement in the number of successful students. Minister Tekin thanked everyone who contributed to this process and stated that they took it as their duty to further improve the improvement figures in these indicators. Wishing the people, teachers, administrators and students in Van a successful, happy and healthy school year, the Minister hoped that they will complete the school year in good health without encountering a major disaster.
Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin made a surprise during his program in Van and visited the teachers who organized an event in Atatürk Culture Park as part of a vocational education program. 
Inaugurating the Special Education Practice School of Governorship of Van, Minister Tekin met with students and parents.

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