Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin attended the Turkish Maarif Foundation 3rd Istanbul Education Summit.

The 3rd Istanbul Education Summit, themed "Leading the Change in Education" organized by the Turkish Maarif Foundation, started at Üsküdar Bağlarbaşı Congress and Culture Center with the reading of the message sent by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
In his message, President Erdoğan explained that the country, which has been the cradle of civilizations throughout history, has always been the first stop for travelers of knowledge and wisdom with its libraries, hospitals, schools, observatories and teaching institutions: "The lamps of knowledge and wisdom lit in this geography have illuminated the path of all humanity for centuries. Thanks to the progress we have made in science and technology in the last 21 years, Türkiye has become one of the global centers of attraction in education. The Turkish Maarif Foundation has brought our country's rich, productive and deep-rooted experience in the field of education to all over the world. Serving a total of 52 thousand students in 52 countries. The Turkish Maarif Foundation plays a significant role in the training of qualified human resources in all the countries where it operates."
"We will continue to be one of the biggest supporters of the Turkish Maarif Foundation"
Pointing out that the Maarif Foundation, which successfully implements international education methods along with the local curriculum, contributes to the development of inter-communal communication, Erdoğan stated that the Turkish Maarif Foundation eliminates the damage caused by FETO and serves equal opportunity in education. Noting that they follow the Works of the Foundation with admiration and provide the necessary support President Erdoğan expressed that they will continue to be one of the biggest supporters of the Turkish Maarif Foundation.
Erdoğan congratulated the members of the foundation who served with sacrifice in 52 different countries of the world, from Democratic Congo to Kosovo and Bosnia, from Colombia to Jordan, from South Africa to Somalia, from Afghanistan to Azerbaijan.
Speaking at the summit, Minister Yusuf Tekin emphasized that they have experienced the 100th anniversary of the Republic. Noting that the President Erdoğan has declared the next century as the 'Century of Türkiye', the Minister underlined that they are making an effort to build a 'Century of Türkiye' in the education system in Türkiye.
Pointing out that he commemorated all the martyrs who served the country, especially Atatürk, on the 85th anniversary of the death of the Founder of the Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
Minister Tekin also celebrated Teachers' Day on the occasion of the upcoming November 24 Teachers' Day.
Reminding that the issue of "education for peace" was discussed at the UNESCO General Conference last week, Minister Tekin said they are faced with Israel's war, which has reached massacre levels. Noting that tens of thousands of our Palestinian brothers were martyred as a result of Israel's attacks on schools, civilians and hospitals, including students and children, Minister Tekin invited international structures, international organizations and all states responsible for protecting peace, democracy and the rule of law in the world to stop the war and establish peace.
Stating that he was the person who brought the idea of establishing the Maarif Foundation to the agenda in 2013, Minister Tekin said that he was happy to see that the foundation has turned into a huge brand that serves more than 50 thousand students in 52 countries today.
Thanking the former Ministers Prof. Dr. Nabi Avcı, İsmet Yılmaz and the President of the Foundation Birol Akgün, Tekin said their aim was to imagine Türkiye as an organization that could be set as an example to the international community in terms of education and show the whole world that an education model could be built not with an imperial logic, but by respecting the references and local values of the country where it was founded.
Tekin explained that the education philosophy of the Ministry of National Education and the Turkish Maarif Foundation is built on a scientific perspective that is equipped with knowledge and skills and can think critically and analytically. Minister said that it was designed to raise a moderate, fair and compassionate person who knows his own history, loves his homeland and nation.
Tekin stated that another characteristic of this human profile is a peaceful individual who has taken on the responsibility of leaving a sustainable world to those who come after him. Expressing that they will all watch together the contributions they will make to the future of that person at the 3rd Istanbul Education Summit held today, with the theme of 'Leading Change in Education'.
Pointing out that the Turkish Maarif Foundation brings together institutions, organizations and individuals that stand out with their international activities and achievements in the field of education, Minister noted that the Istanbul Education Summit will be a platform where theoretical and practical approaches of perspectives on the future of education will be evaluated at different levels, ideas and information on a global scale.
Tekin said he has no doubt that the consultation they will hold with Ministers from different countries to lead the change in education will serve the best interests of all children in the world.
"Equality and justice in education are indispensable for us"
Touching on the issues that will be discussed at the summit, Tekin said that equality and justice in education are indispensable for them. Minister stated that while managing the change in education, they have to make efforts together to ensure each student has equal access and opportunities. Defining their starting point as "To be able to build a justice-based, equality-based education philosophy where there is equality of opportunity."
Highlighting the importance of teachers and students being able to protect their own reference values and catch up with changes and developments, the Minister said that the world is going through a really big change considering the technological developments and paradigms that cannot be noticed. Adding that the state and political structure is also changing, Minister Tekin touched upon the words of President Erdoğan saying "the dominant political order in the world needs to change and keep up with this change".
Emphasizing that the world order built on imperialism and colonialism has also changed, Minister Tekin stated that they also need to keep up with this change process.
Minister Tekin said that in this period when they started the Century of Türkiye, they should build a new education system that takes the country's history, social and human values as a reference.
"Istanbul Education Summit"
The struggle of humans, surrounded by artificial intelligence, biotechnology and similar technologies, to maintain their critical thinking ability and remain human in the age of digitalization is discussed at the summit.
The summit where academic evaluations were made within the framework of the theme of education-related opportunities, analyses, theoretical approaches with future perspectives, good examples, management of change in education, and a high-level session titled "Leading the Change in Education" with the most important educators, academics and education administrators in their field from more than 50 countries. Education ministers of some countries also participate.
In this context, Minister of Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina Naida Hota Muminovic, Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education of the Democratic Republic of Congo Tony Mwaba Kazadi and the Minister of Education of Malaysia Fadhlina Binti Sidek will make speeches at the summit.
In addition, "Education in the Century of Türkiye", "Technology in Tomorrow's Educational World" and "School Administrators" sessions will also be held at the summit.
In addition to the Deputy Minister of National Education Assoc. Dr.  Celile Ökten, Prof. Dr. Halil Berktay and Prof. Dr. Azmi Özcan will discuss the educational paradigms and vision of the education century with Türkiye's past experience in "Education in the Century of Türkiye" session.
Didem Bayram, Elvan Kuzucu Hıdır and Attila Hajko from Hungary will discuss the ways to lead the change in education, the effects of educational technologies and digitalization on the school environment, as well as preserving thinking abilities in the age of digitalization in the "Technology in Tomorrow's Educational World" session.

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