Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin attended the 2023-2024 School Year Opening Ceremony of Atatürk University in Erzurum.

Minister Yusuf Tekin attended the Atatürk University 2023-2024 School Year Opening Ceremony held at the July 15 National Will Hall in Erzurum. Making a speech at the ceremony, Minister Tekin pointed out that there are international structures and judicial mechanisms responsible for protecting peace and human rights in the world.
Stating that these structures have usually intervened in many issues so far, Tekin said that these forms of intervention do not satisfy the Islamic world, Eastern societies and themselves. Stating that these international structures generally intervene in issues beyond their own desires and wishes, Minister Tekin said that international organizations were unfortunately indifferent to the interventions made against Turkish compatriots living in Bulgaria in the early 1980s and the things that happened in Bosnia and Palestine. Reminding that these international structures have become active in the Russia-Ukraine War in the last two years and have imposed sanctions on Russia in every field from sports to art, from trade to economy, Minister Tekin said that, the European Court of Human Rights has been involved in the rightful demands of Azerbaijan for its occupied lands during the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. He said that the European Court of Rights found Armenia's application acceptable. Stating that children and patients were brutally massacred, Minister Tekin criticized the lack of a voice in international judicial mechanisms and the organizations responsible for maintaining international peace.
Reminding President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's words, "The world is bigger than five", Minister Tekin said that either they have a problem with these five member actors or they have problems with the texts that these actors have to comply with in decision-making mechanisms. Minister Tekin emphasized that the texts presented as international human rights texts should open for discussion the issue of how much they protect their rights and how much they contain their own references.
"I wish for a world-class academic and intellectual initiative."
Stating that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all international texts should be made capable of defending the values and rights of Muslims, the world's oppressed and Eastern societies, Minister Tekin said that social values, including LGBT and family values, are also human rights, and a struggle should be initiated to make them included in those texts. Minister Tekin asked the Rector of Atatürk University and academicians to undertake worldwide academic initiatives regarding these texts, and asked the Council of Higher Education to lead this process. Minister Tekin said that starting a period in Türkiye that can protect the rights of the oppressed internationally is an important starting point in the construction of the Century of Türkiye.
Talking about his years as an academic, Tekin talked about the importance of Erzurum in history and the academic success of Atatürk University.
Stating that he sees universities as centers that provide professions and produce science, Tekin noted that the number of universities, which was 76 in 2002, has now increased to 208. Pointing out that the share allocated to education in the general budget of countries is taken into consideration when calculating democratization indices in the world, Minister Tekin said that Türkiye's share allocated to education in these indices has shown a remarkable increase. Thanking President Erdoğan for giving them this opportunity, Minister Tekin said that the ministry's budget would be solid as the largest share was allocated to education in the general budget.
"There has been a serious revolution in education"
Stating that Türkiye has gained significant momentum in terms of the number of students, classrooms and academics regarding universities, the Minister noted that the capabilities of classrooms and facilities have increased more than two times compared to 2002.
Stating that the number of students per classroom and teacher has decreased by half, Tekin said that nearly 70 percent of teachers currently working in the system have been appointed in the last 21 years. Announcing that they will complete the 100th anniversary of the republic in nine days, Minister Tekin said that there has actually been a serious revolution in education in terms of numerical indicators. Minister Tekin underlined they have to build the Century of Türkiye in the new period.
Stating that everyone has expressed that there are deficiencies in the education and training system in Türkiye, Minister Tekin stated that the family, the society, the Ministry of National Education, the teachers within the Ministry, universities and higher education are responsible for this matter. Expressing that all these elements blamed each other, Minister Tekin said that they could not eliminate the criticisms made on the education system with the accusations.
Explaining the responsibilities of families on their children and educational institutions on their students, Tekin called for declaring the beginning of the Century of Türkiye, a year of social mobilization and for everyone to do their part.
Stating that they have important expectations from universities, Minister Yusuf Tekin stressed that the Ministry of National Education should act in a way that meets the expectations of society and families from the Ministry regarding the upbringing of children.
Emphasizing the importance of undergraduate programs that serve as a resource for teachers, Tekin stated that the average scores of children graduating from undergraduate programs are not very encouraging. Requesting universities to train field experts, Minister Tekin emphasized that the education policy of the Ministry of National Education should be examined in order to employ these people within the Ministry of National Education.
Pointing out that what he said about the interview system has been discussed a lot, Minister Tekin said that they aim for the young people they employ to know the curriculum and to be able to teach the curriculum to children.
As a person who has spent years in academia, Tekin stated that there is a disconnection between public institutions and universities. Noting that the reading rates of scientific articles have decreased, Minister Tekin asked everyone to question themselves on this issue. 
"All institutions should work in cooperation for a scientific perspective"
Stating that they feel the lack of units that can provide serious R&D support in public institutions and ministries, Tekin noted that if all public institutions and ministries work in direct contact with universities, a scientific perspective will emerge, academic studies will be fed with data and will be used by practitioners. Minister Tekin asked universities, governorships, metropolitan and district municipalities, the directorate of national education, relevant faculties and departments to provide support in this regard.
Wishing the new academic year to be auspicious, Tekin wished success to everyone. Underlining that success in the academy will lead to the success of himself as the Minister of National Education and the whole society, Minister Tekin commented that this success will contribute to the Republic of Türkiye in terms of building the next century scientifically as the Century of Türkiye.
Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı presented a gift to Minister Tekin. Minister Tekin gave awards to successful academics.
Minister Tekin opened the painting exhibition themed Palestine before the ceremony. Wire fence was used instead of ribbons at the opening ceremony.  Erzurum MPs Selami Altınok, Mehmet Emin Öz, The Rector of Atatürk University Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, academicians, NGO representatives and students attended the ceremony.

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