Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin addressed the teachers in the live broadcast of the Education Information Network (EBA) due to the start of the professional working period of the 2023-2024 school year.

Wishing the new academic year to be beneficial to parents, teachers, students and the whole country, Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin presented Deputy Ministers Celile Eren Ökten, Ömer Faruk Yelkenci, Kemal Şamlıoğlu and Nazif Yılmaz who attended the live broadcast. The deputy ministers also took the floor and gave information to the teachers about their duties.
Expressing that they want to work together with the central and provincial organizations of the ministry Minister and with more than 1 million teachers in a team spirit that respects labor law and can work together, Tekin stated that they have been working together with the deputy ministers in many different positions within the ministry for many years.
Explaining the preparations made in the Ministry for the new school year since the beginning of June, Tekin emphasized that they have taken serious measures regarding the education process in the region where the earthquake in Kahramanmaraş, the disaster of the century, was experienced.
Noting that they are making plans for the reinvestment program of the destroyed and damaged classrooms in the region, Tekin reminded the precautions they took regarding meeting the accommodation needs of the teachers in the earthquake area.
New regulations will be published this week
Explaining the regulations made in the legislation in this process, Tekin said that in the coming days, they will complete the preparations for the regulations regarding basic education, lifelong and measurement and evaluation, especially the secondary education regulation. Minister Tekin announced that some of these regulations will be published this week.
Underlining that teachers implemented the arrangements regarding the change of location through consultations, Minister Tekin said that they are in a process that will increase the number and quality of educational environments. Minister Tekin summarized the measures they took to solve the problems faced by teachers and to protect the reputation of teachers, and the practices they will implement regarding disciplinary practices.
Stating that they have taken the necessary measures to ensure that teachers have a say in issues such as grade repetition, reducing absenteeism and school dropouts, in order to protect their own rights in the classroom and at school, Minister Tekin stated that they will implement the appointment system, which is very uncomfortable for teachers and is implemented in many countries of the world. Stating that they would like parents to meet with teachers within the school within an appointment schedule from now on, Minister Tekin said that they have made regulations regarding the use of mobile phones in order to solve the problems they face in terms of disciplinary practices and privacy of private life that disturb teachers. Minister Tekin said that they prevented students from using mobile phones in classes in the new academic year.
"We will have implemented a regulation that will relieve teachers in terms of branch and teacher selection"
Yusuf Tekin also asked teachers not to use their mobile phones in classes unless it is compulsory.
Noting that the classroom teachers in particular, expressed the difficulties experienced by newly enrolled students regarding the selection of classes, branches and teachers, Tekin stated that these have reached a level that shakes the reputation of teachers. Minister Tekin said that starting from the next school year when the basic education regulation is published, they will implement a regulation that will relieve them in terms of both the registration region and the selection of branches and teachers in primary schools.
EBA will be enriched again
Minister Yusuf Tekin emphasized that they took various steps to increase the quality of education in the circular they published.
Stating that they will enrich the Education Information Network (EBA) of the Ministry of National Education, Tekin said EBA will become a bedside resource for teachers and students again. Noting that they are reviewing the textbooks both visually and in terms of usage, Minister Tekin announced that there will be a continuous update process regarding the curriculum, taking into account current developments and rapidly changing world conditions, in line with the demands of teachers from the field.
Curriculum process will be liven up and made dynamic
Expressing that during their meeting with the teachers, suggestions were made regarding the weight of some courses in the curriculum and other issues, Tekin said that they would bring these suggestions to the agenda with the Board of Education and Discipline and make the curriculum process lively and dynamic.
Making statements about the cancellation of some issues related to the Teaching Profession Law by the Constitutional Court, Tekin said that they are waiting for the justified decision regarding the measures to be taken.
After the reasoned decision is published, Tekin stated that they will look into whether a legislative process is necessary or that they will evaluate the process with the Ministry's own legislation, adding that they will meet the expectations of teachers in this regard.
Expressing his demands from the teachers, Tekin said that in the new academic year, he wanted to be together in a process that will turn the next 100 years into the Century of Türkiye. Minister Tekin stated that they both want to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the republic in a glorious and sincere manner, make plans for the next century during these celebrations and to do their part together so that the main power of the next century will be Türkiye and the Turkish nation. He wished to enable their children and grandchildren to celebrate the second century of the republic with pride.
Minister Tekin wanted the schoolyards to be redesigned together as an environment where children get away from digital addiction, computer games or similar social media platforms, do physical activity and get away from such addictions.
Asking to be more sensitive about substance abuse, Minister Tekin asked the teachers to share their feelings about this issue with the relevant institutions without wasting time. He underlined that as the Ministry of National Education, they want to work as a team that tries to take the right decisions by listening to everyone based on consultation, acting in a team spirit.
President Erdoğan demanded that every precaution be taken
Stating that in their meetings, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan constantly warned that all kinds of measures should be taken regarding education, the needs of teachers and schools, Tekin underlined that President Erdoğan did not turn down any offer. Conveying the President's greetings and wishes for success, Minister Tekin offered his thanks to the President on behalf of himself and the National Education family.

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