"Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said, "We hope that reading fish will help children to develop their emotional, social and language skills and adopt a reading habit. Like children, adults will become more beautiful by reading."

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk attended "Reading Fish Electronic Audio Library Promotion Meeting" organized at the Ministry. Noting that face to face education began without a hitch for pre-school and first grade students, Minister Selçuk pointed out the importance of promoting the joy of reading among primary school students.
Selçuk said that children start to know each other; they learn how to empathize and share their feelings via stories adding that the Ministry had consulted with experts and adopted a multidisciplinary approach while preparing the library,
The Minister of National Education stressed that the Ministry believed that stories helped children to develop their emotional world. Stating that it is important to encourage the development of emotional world and life skills of children in addition to giving them academic information, Selçuk said the Ministry has preferred age appropriate contents which will support their imagination while forming the audio library.
Minister Selçuk stated that teachers will also use stories while teaching their students. Stressing that the Ministry will continue to enrich the content of the library, Selçuk said, "We are hoping to develop emotional, social and language skills of children via the Reading Fish. Like children, adults will become more beautiful by reading".
Following his speech, Minister Selçuk had an online chat with children who were visiting the audio library from different cities of the country. Minister Selçuk talked about the books he had read and asked the students their views about the library.
Overcrowd in EBA
Minister Selçuk answered the questions of press members after the promotion meeting. Answering a question if the Ministry suffered from some problems in the first day of face to face education, Selçuk said, "Attendance was above our expectations. This made us happy. We will see all figures at the weekend. But, according to our impressions, there was a high attendance among first grade students in all of our cities. All of our teachers and administrators dedicated themselves for the controlled beginning and we did not experience any problems." He added that the Ministry will increase the number of measures.
Referring to a question about the overcrowded Education Information Network (EBA), Minister Selçuk said, "In a way, it is positive news for us. There is an intensive demand especially during the period when we start face to face education. We witnessed a great increase in the demand. Technical teams of the ministry are working in an effort to overcome problems that occurred due to high demand. We all know that the biggest web sites of the world also suffer from problems from time to time. We are reinforcing our infrastructure and taking all necessary measures in order to respond to the increasing demand." The Minister pointed out that there are 8 thousand and 688 EBA support centers and this figure will rise to 9 thousand in a very short period of time.
When Journalists asked his views about the moves by some private schools to start face to face educatjon for all grade students, Selçuk said that the Ministry has been closely monitoring such moves. "We will open immediate investigations and we will impose sanctions and penalties. This is a national decision. If schools disobey this decision, they will be punished according to the law. Do not worry," stated Selçuk.
Answering a question if schools or parents will face punishment in case of such a situation, Minister Selçuk said this matter is about schools and they will face punishment according to regulations.
Concerning problems some students have about internet and computer access, Selçuk stated that his Ministry is working in an effort to solve accession problems. Reminding that the number of EBA support centers will reach to 9 thousand in a very short period of time, Selçuk stressed that these centers will be important for the solution of this problem. He also talked about the importance of donations. 

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