Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk attended the launch of the "MEB Agenda and E-School Teacher" applications organized at the Ministry. Selçuk stated that applications will help school principals and teachers to carry out their activities with less bureaucracy.

Addressing the launch of MEB Agenda and e-School Teacher applications, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said the Ministry is doing everything in its power to support teachers and principals in their daily routine works.
Noting that the Ministry aims at carrying out the majority of its services through an electronic environment, Selçuk said quicker and more qualified transactions depend on it.
Minister Selçuk stated that his ministry updated its mobile applications with the newest technology adding that, "Today, we are introducing two new applications. These new two applications developed by the Information Technologies Department will reduce bureaucracy, make transactions easier and allow connected and associated processes of each data."
Selçuk went on to say: "These applications are designed in a way that they could run with all data systems and can be integrated with other mobile, web and desktop systems. They have many features but the most important one is the digital calendar. Our teachers can see the calendar in their cell phones and personalize it according to their daily programs. Safety of application is enhanced with verification codes. "Qr" code feature allows a faster and safer process. Our teachers will have the opportunity to carry out their daily duties faster and safer and see their upcoming work lists."
"Teachers will be able to keep electronic attendance record within a short period of time"
Selçuk said that an e-School Teacher application is put into use for teachers and school principals adding that, "Many duties of teachers such as behavior grades, course grades, exam dates, attendance of students , it will be possible to make and keep electronic records with this application. Teachers will be able to keep electronic attendance records automatically within a short period of time. "
Pointing out that mobile applications can be downloaded for free, Selçuk said, "Teachers will be able to see all academic information about their students. On the other hand, the Ministry will have the opportunity to instantly see the feedback provided by the school principals. 
Teachers and principals liked the application
Following his speech Minister Selçuk had a video conference meeting with some teachers and principals from schools in Ankara, Bartın, Niğde, Aksaray and Malatya and asked their views about the new mobile applications.
Selçuk received positive feedback from the teachers and said, "We are getting your answers to our questions about which problems you face in the field, in the classroom and at the school and what we can do to solve these problems. We are trying to do this according to your feedbacks. You are the source."

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