Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer visited the first fashion school opened within the Sabancı Technical Institute in Istanbul, with the vision of keeping the tradition alive in fashion design and educating world-class fashion designers and tailors.

Receiving information from the authorities about the activities of the Fashion School, the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer talked with teachers and qualified instructors.
Making a statement after the visit, Minister Özer pointed out that these technical institutes have made very important contributions to the carry on the tradition in Türkiye for years. Özer said that these institutes have always served as a guide in the production of daily life materials, especially in textile. Özer said that for this reason, since the founding days of the Republic, he has made very important contributions to raising local tailors, fashion designers and designers. He said that as the Ministry of National Education, they have been home to studies on reusing traditional production by combining it with the new trends and carrying traditional patterns in daily life.
Thanking President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's wife Emine Erdoğan Özer stated that she had very significant support in the modernization of these technical institutes and combining tradition and the past with the future.
Noting that Sabancı Technical Institute Fashion Academy is the first fashion school of the Ministry of National Education, Minister Özer said that their aim is to train fashion designers who will operate in the international arena and to establish an international fashion academy. Noting that there is a capacity to achieve this goal, Özer stated that everyone who contributed to the process provided a very serious concentration. Özer thanked his wife and everyone who contributed, especially the Director of National Education of Istanbul and his team. Expressing that he believes the Academy will be a center that will contribute to Türkiye's very important initiative regarding fashion, Özer said that they will provide all kinds of support as the Ministry.
The Fist Fashion Academy
The Director of Sabancı Technical Institute Nazan Suna Alpural stated that fashion academy is the first fashion academy established by the state to develop young, innovative, internationally renowned fashion designers who can approach fashion internationally.
Stating that the fashion academy is the first fashion school that can discover young talents under the leadership of the Ministry of National Education, when the examples in Türkiye and in the world are examined, Alpural said that by the help of the state they will provide education here today for free to creative people who are waiting to be discovered, who cannot afford the world's leading fashion schools.
The historical building was built in 1894 and given to the institution after its restoration was completed in 2020. The building has computerized molding classes, sewing practice classes, a revolving fund production atelier, a promotion and marketing office, a grant museum, and a boutique chocolate fab shop.
Minister's wife Nebahat Özer, the Deputy Minister Sadri Şensoy, the Director General for Lifelong Learning Hüseyin Burak Fettahoğlu, Director General for Vocational and Technical Education Nazan Şener and Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education Levent Yazıcı accompanied Minister Özer during the visit.

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