Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer visited TEKNOFEST in Istanbul. 

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer visited TEKNOFEST, organized by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, with the partnership of many organizations that play a critical role in the development of national technology in Türkiye.
Visiting the stands and talking with the students, Minister Özer received information about competitions and projects. Stating that the Ministry took an active role in the festival with 9 general directorates and many participants, Özer thanked those who contributed to the process.
Stating that TEKNOFEST has turned into an umbrella organization. Özer stressed that TEKNOFEST has turned into a space where all young people and students in the field of science and technology prepare and present their products, come together in a festive atmosphere, hold scientific events, and follow the developments in the scientific and defense industry.
Noting that, all students in vocational high schools, science and Anatolian high schools, science and art centers and special education schools affiliated to the Ministry produce their products in the main concept of TEKNOFEST with production, innovative approaches and studies on intellectual property for one year before each TEKNOFEST, Özer expressed that especially robotics, search and rescue, and digital content production became prominent. Underlining that all else being equal, students will begin to grow up with this culture throughout the education system in Türkiye, Minister Özer thanked the Ministry of Industry and Technology, T3 Foundation, all teachers and students for their contributions.
Students and participants from different education levels exhibit their projects in technology competitions held in many categories at TEKNOFEST Istanbul.
An exhibition, event, experience, competition area and animation studio are being set up in the festival area reserved for the Ministry of National Education. Bomb disposal robot, search and rescue robot, debris search robot, smart robots, VR experience areas, animation studio, unmanned underwater vehicle, wounded soldier rescue vehicle, space shuttle oxygen support system, earthquake isolator system, artificial intelligence and projects such as "Don't let our lungs go out" are displayed by students.
In addition, Turkish, Mathematics, English digital education platforms, VR (virtual reality) games, mobile science center, origami works on activity tables for preschool students, mini carpentry benches and painting activities also draw great interest.

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