Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer visited Baku Turkish Anatolian High School on the second day of his official contacts in Azerbaijan.

Minister Özer stated in his speech that he is glad to be in Baku Turkish Anatolian High School as part of official visits regarding the reinforcement of cooperation with Azerbaijan.
Minister Özer thanked the school administration and stated that they are proud of the achievements of the high school, and noted that every opportunity will be mobilized to move the high school forward. Özer emphasized that Baku Turkish Anatolian High School trains both students with strong academic success and students who know their culture, history and geography. 
"We will carry education forward by sharing all our experiences"
Emphasizing that they do not consider Azerbaijan as a foreign country, Minister Özer shared his will to strengthen the existing relationship between the two countries, especially in the second century of the Republic.
Özer stated that this visit will be a turning point in terms of ensuring a strong cooperation in every field and stated that they will carry the relations forward by giving all kinds of support as the Ministry of National Education. Wishing that the new century will be the Century of Türkiye and the Turks, Özer stressed that education has a great impact and they will carry education forward by sharing all their experiences regarding education. Stating that the two countries have an influence not only on their regions but also on the whole world Özer stressed that they will shape the world not only through their economic success, but also through compassion, peace and taking side with the oppressed. Özer noted that he believes students and teachers will also contribute as the soldiers of this process.
Özer pointed out that 2023 will be a critical year for Baku Turkish Anatolian High School in terms of improving the physical conditions of the school. Özer stated that he believes that the high school will continue on its way as a strong campus where the student capacity will reach 5-10 thousands.
We instructed Ankara to provide tablets and ensured it was reached here within a day
Saying that they knew about teachers' need for tablets in the meeting with the school administration at the Embassy yesterday, Özer shared that they instructed Ankara without wasting time and that the tablets were delivered there within a day and will be distributed to teachers today. Thanking teachers, Özer said that he hoped that together they would carry the school forward.
Getting information from the authorities, Minister Özer listened to the demands of the students and teachers at the end of the program. Teachers thanked Minister Özer for his contributions to the teaching profession law and asked if there is a change in the waiting period in head teacher positions. Özer stated that a legal regulation is needed to reduce the waiting period and they are working on this matter.

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