Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer made inspections in the tent city with shelter capacity of 2 thousand 400 people, which is under construction in cooperation with AFAD, the Ministry of National Defense and NATO, in the Otençay Neighborhood, near the Antakya Organized Industrial Zone, The tent city will also include the Mehmetçik schools.

Visiting the area where the NATO tent city, which was made ready for construction in eight days with the liquidation of an area of 100 thousand square meters, Minister Özer received information from the military staff.
Making an evaluation after his inspections in the tent city, Minister Özer said that as the Ministry, they continue to work intensively in order to normalize life in the earthquake zone with the normalization of education. He stressed that since the first day of the earthquake, they have put tents, containers and prefabricated schools to the service of all students in ten quake-hit provinces and will continue to do so.
Noting that regardless of starting education, students continue this process by increasing their capacity day by day in order to get rid of this traumatic environment and strengthen their relationship with their teachers and their psychological resilience in a normal way, Minister Özer expressed that their most important partner in capacity increase is the Ministry of National Defense. Expressing his gratitude to Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, commanders-in-chief or armed forces, the Chief of the General Staff, the Commander of the 2nd Army, and all the Ministry staff for their contributions.
Stating that the NATO tent city is a facility where students and teachers from Hatay, Antakya and İskenderun can be accommodated, the Minister stressed that the tent city is also a facility could be used as a training camp by students during the preparation for LGS and YGS examinations.
Explaining that the NATO tent city consist of  all kinds of logistic support, a library, social facilities and all kinds of opportunities related to culture, art and sports, Özer said that there are toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, dining hall, laundry, sports tent, health center, playground, prayer room, waste and clean water treatment facilities and administrative offices. Explaining the other systems and services regarding the facility, Özer stated that the tent city also contains heating and cooling systems, fire detectors, beds and bunks in tents which are resistant to -32 and -49 degrees Celsius. He emphasized that the facility will also have Mehmetçik schools and a medical support unit that will serve as a hospital with Role 2 support level.
Deputy Governor of Hatay, Oğuzhan Bingöl, Governor of Kütahya and Coordinator Governor of Hatay Ali Çelik, Deputies of  Hatay Hüseyin Yayman and Sabahat Özgürsoy Çelik, Deputy Ministers Petek Aşkar and Sadri Şensoy, Deputy Minister of National Defense Alpaslan Kavaklıoğlu, Director General for Basic Education Tuncay Morkoç, Director General for Secondary Education Halil İbrahim Topçu, Chairman of the MEB Board of Education and Training Cihad Demirli, Director General for Private Education Institutions Mustafa Gelen and The Commander of the 6th Corps Lieutenant General Metin Tokel accompanied Minister Özer during his visit.
Minister Özer and his delegation visited the tent city set up in Kırıkhan Stadium and met with students and citizens.

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