The Ministry of National Education has achieved all targets set for 2022 and even overreached the goal in some fields.

As a part of the project aiming at inaugurating 3,000 new kindergartens including 1,000 kindergartens in İstanbul in order to increase accessibility to preschool education, the Ministry achieved to double the targeted capacity by establishing 6,004 new kindergarten capacities and inaugurated 1,010 kindergartens in İstanbul in 2022.
Moreover, the schooling rate in secondary education increased from 90 percent to 95.06 percent and schooling rate in all levels of education exceeded 95 percent for the first time.
Goal for 2023 is to increase the schooling rate of three year old children from 16 percent to 50 percent and schooling rate of four year old children from 38 percent to 70 percent and schooling rate of five year old children from 99 percent to 100 percent.
Another target of the Ministry is to activate an early warning and tracking system in order to reduce the number of absentee and dropout students and reach 99 percent and more in schooling rates in all levels of education.
Number of apprentices and foremen reached 1 million and 200 thousand
As a part of the Ministry's campaign for the reinforcement of vocational education, the number of apprentices and foremen increased by 7 times and reached 1 million and 200 thousand in 2022. This figure will reach 1 million and 500 thousand in 2023.
For the first time in the history of the Ministry, the Ministry founded 7 international vocational high schools in İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Balıkesir, Konya and Ordu and students from Balkan countries enrolled in these schools during this year.
Next year, the Ministry plans to found 3 more international vocational and high schools and continue to complete internationalization in vocational education.
The Ministry inaugurated vocational education centers in all organized industrial zones.
As of today, 585 thousand and 868 made registrations for the vocational education remedial education program organized for high school, undergraduate and university graduates.
160 million free supplementary sources distributed to students
As a part of the Ministry's goal to maintain equal opportunity in education, the Ministry of National Education distributed 160 million free supplementary sources to students enrolled in all levels of education and the goal set for 2023 is to distribute 200 million free supplementary sources to students.
2,200 closed down village schools were reopened as village public centers this year and all vacant village schools will be converted to village public centers in 2023.
For the first time in the history of the Ministry, 1 million students benefited from a "summer school project" organized in state schools. This implementation will continue next year. The Ministry will organize free training programs for students during the semester holiday.
The Ministry founded "Mathematics Education Digital Platform" in order to help students to develop their basic mathematics skills as a part of the Mathematics Campaign.
The Ministry plans to enrich the context of this platform and found new digital platforms for Turkish and Foreign Language education in 2023.  
In 2022, 1.5 students mainly who stay in dorms and use transported education benefit from free meal services and the Ministry will distribute free meals to 5 million students in 2023.
The Ministry allocated 7 billion TL for schools for new school year preparations
For the first time in its history, the Ministry allocated 7 billion TL directly to school administrations for new school year preparation such as minor repairs, hygiene and stationery needs. The Ministry plans to continue this implementation in 2023.
As a part of the "No More Schools with Libraries" project, the Ministry founded 16,361 new libraries at schools and the number of books in school libraries increased from 28 million to 100 million within three months. The Ministry aims at increasing the number of books in school libraries to 150 million next year.
This year, the Ministry finalized "1,000 Schools in Vocational Education Project" with 1 billion TL budget and "10,000 Schools in Basic Education Project" with 4 billion TL budget.
In 2023, the Ministry will improve the opportunities provided in high schools as a part of "10,000 Schools in Secondary Education Project" designed in order to reduce opportunity differences between schools.  
Goal of Vocational High Schools is to earn 3 billion TL from their production activities
Income of the vocational high schools as a part of the revolving fund reached 2 billion TL in the first 11 months of this year. 100 million TL of this income was distributed to students and another 200 million TL was distributed to teachers. The goal of vocational high schools is to earn 3 billion TL from their production activities in 2023.
This year, these schools registered 8,300 patents, useful models, designs and brands and 162 of these products were commercialized. Goal set for 2023 is to register 10,000 of their products and commercialize at least 5 percent of them.
This year, 13 million 386 and 915 people enrolled in training programs organized in public education centers. The goal for next year is to enroll 15 million people in these programs.
Teaching defined as special expertise profession
This year, the Ministry founded Teacher Information Network (ÖBA) with the purpose of supporting distance training programs for teachers through a digital platform. Training program per teacher increased from 44 hours to 250 hours. Goal of next year is to increase this figure to 350 hours per teacher.
Teacher Profession Law that came into effect on February 12, 2022 defined teaching as a special expertise profession.
95 percent of teachers who qualified to enter head and expert teacher exams completed training programs and 98 percent of them applied for the exams.
516,974 teachers who succeeded in the exam became expert teachers and 66,679 expert teachers who succeeded in the exam became head teachers.
The Ministry aims at making additional improvements about the personnel rights of teachers next year.
Reinforcement of special education
The Ministry founded public education centers in all 81 cities of the country in 2022 and plans to disseminate these centers to all districts of the country in 2023.
Number of Science and Arts Centers (BİLSEMs) reached 375 and the Ministry aims at establishing BİLSEMs in every district in order to provide easy access to these centers in 2023.
Environment and climate change awareness programs
Environment and climate change education course program designed in order to raise environmental awareness among students, teaching sustainability concept was updated as a 2 hour long elective course for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.
There are at least one environmentally friendly schools in every district and they were founded this  year as a part of 1,000 Environmentally Friendly schools and the Ministry established 1,325 zero waste libraries at schools. The goal for next year is to convert all school buildings to environmentally friendly constructions.  
Moreover, the Ministry will install "Rooftop Solar Energy Plants" which will produce a total of 60 megawatt energy in 1,000 schools in order to make less energy consumption at schools in 2023.

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