With the start of the 2023-2024 school year, the Education Information Network (EBA), which has intensified its work with an interactive process, is getting richer and stronger. A series of studies are being carried out to turn EBA into a reference guide for teachers and students again.

Addressing teachers on the occasion of the start of the professional study period of the 2023-2024 academic year, Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin pointed out that efforts are being made to enrich EBA. Minister Tekin announced that EBA will become the reference guide for teachers and students again.
Within the framework of digital transformation in education, EBA incorporated the educational content portals of all general directorates affiliated to the Ministry and gathered all platforms in a single channel. With this step, which provides easy access, EBA became the only source of reference.
New contents are being prepared more strongly for EBA by the Directorate General of Innovation and Educational Technologies, the Directorate General of Basic Education, the Directorate General of Vocational Technical Education, the Directorate General of Special Education and Guidance Services, the Directorate General of Religious Education and the Directorate General of Secondary Education. On the other hand, rich studies from the past are also offered to users on EBA.
YEĞİTEK, R&D and Ecosystem Department started working with the aim of improving user experience. Work continues to facilitate the EBA experiences of the users.
Provincial assessment and evaluation centers and different units can also conduct monitoring exams, support and training course exams through EBA.
What's in the "EBA" Portal?
The contents prepared under different headings in various fields to date have been classified and archived on the EBA portal for easier access. EBA has very rich content that both teachers and students can easily access. This decision of our Ministry increases the quality of education and makes access to information easier.
EBA includes various audio books, pdf books, course presentations, videos with various contents, activity and workbooks, interactive books and applications, infographics with short information notes and question pools.
A total of 2 thousand 529 pieces of content from general directorates were published under different titles on EBA in a short time. The content numbers of the studies carried out in this context are as follows:
The Directorate General of Innovation and Educational Technologies moved all 220 content to the EBA portal. The Directorate General of Assessment and Evaluation moved 5 of its 103 books to the EBA portal. The Directorate General of Vocational and Technical Education transferred all 693 books and 148 books belonging to the fine arts high school to the EBA portal. The Directorate General of Special Education and Guidance Services transferred all 449 contents to the EBA portal. The Directorate General of Basic Education transferred all 186 books, 127 of 249 interactive content, 53 audio books and 270 videos to the EBA portal. The Directorate General of Religious Education transferred 47 of 573 course presentations and 331 of 684 question pools to the EBA portal.
Contents provided to EBA from Public Institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations
Various public institutions and non-governmental organizations provided 3 thousand 600 pieces of content for EBA. The content includes promotional films, training videos, magazines, books, documents and training films. These contents are used to enrich the EBA portal and provide more resources to students. The contents are as follows:
The Personal Data Protection Board prepared 5 promotional films for EBA. The Ministry of Justice prepared 6 educational videos, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry prepared 10 forest fire warning films, and the Post and Telegraph Organization prepared 19 "PTT Children's Magazines". The Directorate of Communications Press and Publications Department prepared content on 15 social media sites regarding the rules to be considered, sustainability, and Türkiye's historical, cultural and diplomatic issues. The Directorate General of Public Health of the Ministry of Health prepared books, brochures and 9 animated films on healthy living and nutrition. The Ministry of Industry and Technology transferred the contents of "Bilim Çocuk Magazine Archive", "Historical and Etymological Turkish Dictionary", Turkish Patent and Trademark Office Publications, TÜBA Science Dictionary, "Ali's Energy Adventure" to the EBA portal. Turkish Historical Society transferred contents such as E-books on Turkish history, "Belleten Magazine", "Turkish - History Documents Magazine" and "Online Institution Library" to the EBA portal. Grand National Assembly of Türkiye (TBMM) Directorate of Library and Archive Services transferred "TBMM Library Open Access System", "TBMM Independence Courts Archive Documents" ", "TBMM Independence Medals and Hatay State Documents" and 7 educational films to the EBA portal.
These contents are published on the EBA Portal and aim to provide resources to students and educators on different subjects. EBA portal continues its broadcasts with its powerful, dynamic and more easily accessible colorful interface.

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