Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk stated that there are minor problems only in 139 of the total of 2505 schools in İzmir hit by a quake.

Minister Selçuk pointed out in his social media account that the Ministry took decisions about demolition and repair of buildings according to the regular earthquake inspections at schools.
Selçuk said that the Ministry had demolished 50 schools which were considered as dangerous as a result of regular inspections between August-October 2020 and went on to say that:
"In line with the measures we had taken within the framework of disaster preparedness, there are minor problems only in 139 of total of 2505 schools in İzmir. Camera records show that students were evacuated safely from schools during the earthquake under the guidance of their teachers and school principals. Regular earthquake drills carried our carefully by our Ministry served its purpose. I would like to thank our teachers who calmly accompanied students during the evacuation."
Minister Selçuk has been in İzmir for the last two days. He said, "We are visiting all schools in the area with experts and carry out damage assessment activities. We will shut down a school whenever we see a slightest risk. Our hearts and prayers are with children who experienced the fear of the earthquake."

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