Climate Change Action Plan was launched during a meeting organized in the Head Board of Education and Morality Conference Hall with the participation of Deputy Ministers of National Education Petek Aşkar, Sadri Şensoy and Nazif Yılmaz.

Deputy Minister of National Education Petek Aşkar said during her speech at the launch that academic studies, reports and news stories in the media revealed that the ecosystem of the World is under danger.
"According to a recent study conducted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we have shorter than 11 years to prevent the worst effects of climate change and make required transformation. Time is against us. For example, carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere must be decreased by 45 percent until 2030 in order to prevent global warming to reach 1,5 centigrade degrees," stated Aşkar.
Stressing that education has a special role in the solution of global problems, Aşkar went on to say that:
"Main goal of environmental education is to encourage environmentally friendly behavior. Environmentally sensitive students are aware of the problems. This awareness provides them the opportunity to take responsibility for climate change and sustainable development. It is important to teach ecological thinking in order to activate this responsibility."
Aşkar mentioned about promising data observed in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) adding that, "According to PISA, 78 percent of students in OECD countries in 2018 have agreed that responsibility about global environment is important and 79 percent of them said that they have information about climate change and climate change."
Noting that the action plan workshop organized in last March provided them the opportunity to revise old experience, see new opportunities and define priorities, Aşkar said, "All departments of the Ministry made a contribution. The workshop focused on supporting existing studies and opened new horizons about new approaches. Environmentally friendly 1,000 schools, libraries founded based on zero waste mentality, climate workshops and climate dictionary as well as updates in the education program helped us to use time for our advantage."
Aşkar stated that new projects carried out by experienced academicians and experts focus on the update of environment and climate change programs and reinforcement of material and psychical capacity.

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