Results of the Central LGS exam which was successfully held on July 5 can be seen at meb.gov.tr website. Applicants of all 8th grade students were automatically accepted to the exam. 1 million 31 thousand and 799 students entered the exam and participation rate to the exam was 83 percent.

Like previous years, "Central Exam Assessment Report" was published with the results of the Central High School Entrance System (LGS) exam.
Assessment report prepared under the execution of Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer made detailed assessments about the central exam, distribution tables concerning sub-tests in the exam and included psychometric characteristics of LGS.
None of the questions in 2022 LGS exam was cancelled
The central exam has a total of 90 questions in two different sessions. In the first session that began at 09:30 o'clock, students answered Turkish, Revolution history and Kemalism, religious culture and moral knowledge and foreign language questions.
The second session began at 11.30 o'clock and students answered mathematics and science questions. None of the questions in the 2022 LGS exam was cancelled.
193 students correctly answered all questions
193 students from 48 different cities correctly answered all questions and scored 500 points. There has been an increase in the number of students who received points between 400 and 500 when compared to the figures concerning last year's LGS exam. 9.93 percent of students got between 400 and 500 points while 56,04 percent of students got points between  200-299.
Female students were more successful  
The report also studied exam performance and gender relationship. Like it was in previous years, female students were more successful in all sub-tests except mathematics in the 2022 LGS exam.
Success rate in mathematics and science questions increase
When compared with the 2021 LGS exam, it was observed that the success rate in mathematics and science questions increased in the 2022 LGS exam which was conducted after the end of face to face education without interruption.

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