Teacher Ziya continues to meet his colleagues face to face by using digital communication tools. The 14th of video conference meetings titled, "Education Meetings with Teacher Ziya" was held with teachers and students living in the southeastern province of Mardin.

The Minister of National Education participated in the Mardin leg of the "Education Meetings with Teacher Ziya". Minister Ziya Selçuk thanked his colleagues in Mardin for putting up their efforts by saying, "During these hard times, we, teachers are doing our best to cure social wounds."
Son of Nevin Çete, Deniz from Artuklu thanked Minister Selçuk for the summer preparations on EBA. Deniz said, "You think of us better than we do. I did not think about the summer days. I am grateful for your efforts." Minister Selçuk responded, "Our duty is to serve our children."
Remedial Trainings will continue throughout the year with support courses
Orhan Kesim from Yeşilli district asked about remedial trainings courses. Noting that the Ministry is monitoring the process Minister Selçuk said, "After evaluating the impact of live classes on TV and use of the EBA internet and Academic Support, we will decide the period of face to face education activities that will be organized in September. Our teachers will provide intensive remedial training. These training courses will continue throughout the year with support courses."
"I believe your efforts must be applauded"
Meanwhile, İsmail Bozdağ who is a teacher from Kızıltepe district talked about his views about distance education. Bozdağ said, "A team led by you has formed the infrastructure needed for transition from face to face teaching to distance education and started distance education with a rare reflex within a very short period of time. We have reached a point which can be achieved maybe in a decade in only a month. We supported and applauded health workers during the pandemic. I believe your efforts must be applauded, too" and applauded Minister Selçuk. Meanwhile, Minister Selçuk stated that this success was achieved as a result of joint efforts.
At the end of the video conference, Minister Selçuk saw Derya who was in tears while he was ending the conversation. First grade student Derya Göktaş was crying because she thought she would not be able to speak with teacher Ziya. The Minister came back and said, "Don't worry, I would not let you cry" and reconnected.  Little Derya said, "My classmates and teachers are sending their regards. I love your book named, "School Voices Inside of Me." Meanwhile, Minister Selçuk said "Send my regards to your teacher and friends. I greet you with love, dear girl. May Allah bless you..."

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