The Ministry of National Education continues to take concrete steps as a part of the "1000 Schools in Vocational Education Project" initiated eleven months ago in an effort to decrease success differences among schools and reinforce vocational education. Until today, 820 million liras has been allocated to selected schools for the reinforcement of school infrastructure and bringing variety to the education environment.

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer chaired the July-August Assessment Meeting of the "1000 Schools in Vocational Education '' Project. Deputy Minister Sadri Şensoy, Director General for Vocational and Technical Education Kemal Varın Numanoğlu, Director General for Strategy Development Mehmet Fatih Leblebici, Director General for Support Services Kemal Karahan, Director General for Assessment and Examination Services Murat İlikhan, Director General for Special Education and Guidance Services Nezir Gül, Director General for Construction and Real Estate Umut Gür, Director General for Information Technologies Özgür Türk, Minister Advisors Dr. Sevil Uygun İlikhan, Dr. Aylin Şengün Taşçı, Dr. Hayri Eren Suna and provincial directors of national education of 81 cities were present at the assessment meeting.
Enrichment of School Environment
The project was assessed according to performance indicators during the meeting. As a part of the project, 1000 libraries were founded in 1000 schools. A total of 1.855 smart boards were established as a part of smart board support to selected schools. Support required to be provided in an effort to repair psychics-chemistry-biology labs was also provided. Infrastructure of existing labs were reinforced and 100 new labs/workshops were founded. A total of 358 new workshops and labs were established in 1000 schools through national and international projects. Until now, 368 million liras were allocated for this purpose.
The project prioritized repair and maintenance of 1000 school buildings. Within this framework, 50 million liras were allocated in 2020 and 150 million liras were allocated in the first eight months of 2021. Moreover, 250 million liras were allocated for the reinforcement and major repair activities of 1000 schools in 2021.
Personal Improvement Support to 528 Thousand and 73 Students
Within the context of the project, 18 thousand and 609 students attended support training programs developed in an effort to overcome skill deficits 324 thousand and 406 teaching materials were sent to selected schools. 55 thousand and 717 students completed first aid awareness training programs. Moreover, the Ministry provided psychosocial support to 135 thousand and 879 students. 7 thousand and 778 informative activities concerning substance addiction were organized and 225 thousand and 248 students attended. As a part of the project, 2 thousand and 498 career days were organized and 70 thousand and 164 students participated in these events. Moreover, the Ministry also held 1.590 cultural, artistic and sports events in the selected schools. 22 thousand and 456 students attended these activities.
As part of the project, a total of 364 thousand and 247 students attended support programs until now.
Professional Improvement Training for 383 Thousand and 154 Teachers
Training programs for school administrators and teachers of selected 1000 schools continued as planned. The Ministry organized 5 thousand and 629 training programs in an effort to raise awareness and provide information to administrators and teachers and a total of 114 thousand and 459 school administrators and teachers attended. As a part of the project, 2 thousand and 408 personal improvement and leadership training programs were organized and 11 thousand and 279 school administrators attended. In order to increase the productivity of the project, the Ministry organized 4 thousand and 466 training programs which were participated by 99 thousand and 474 teachers. Moreover, the Ministry organized 1.580 on-the-job and professional improvement training programs for workshop and department teachers and 14 thousand and 328 teachers completed these programs.
As a part of the project, 67 thousand and 500 teachers completed the assessment training program and 40 thousand and 166 vocational teachers participated in the intellectual property rights programs. Moreover, 35 thousand and 328 teachers attended a first aid theoretical training program. 11 thousand and 715 of these teachers completed the applied first aid training program. It is expected that others will complete their first aid training program by the end of June.
Commenting about the project, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said: " The 1000 Schools in Vocational Education project aims at increasing the quality of vocational and education and decreasing success differences among schools. We initiated this project eleven months ago. It is a comprehensive project that includes school management, teachers, students, their parents and school environment and it is progressing as planned. Until now, we have allocated approximately 820 million liras. We have allocated 250 million liras for the maintenance, repair and reinforcement of the buildings of selected 1000 schools in 2021. We have made assessments about the first 11 months of the project and made detailed plans for the future during this meeting. The project was supposed to be completed within a year. Due to this reason, the project will end in September. I would like to thank my colleagues, provincial directors, school administrators, teachers and all stakeholders for their hard work."

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