Distinguished Teachers, Esteemed Parents and Dear Children,
Today, our children living in various different parts of our country got together with their teachers at their schools. After a long time when we longed for face-to-face education, we finally enjoyed the excitement of saying hello to each other again after maintaining required conditions and taking all necessary measures.
There is no doubt that we will work in an effort to keep our schools open by taking all kinds of measures and cooperating with our stakeholders from students to teachers, from education workers to parents in the light of science.
We are all aware of the fact that other means of education cannot substitute face-to-face education although we will continue to provide education in other platforms as well and continue to improve our digital skills that we gained during the pandemic. Our priority was to start the new school year by taking all necessary measures in order to maintain the good health of our precious children. I would like to stress that we have taken all required steps.
Now, it is time to transfer knowledge, virtue and good manners to children in our education journey.
Distinguished Teachers, 
Previously, I expressed that teaching is a profession chosen by heart. I have no doubt that you will do your best and more in order to guide them with your light and heart.
Esteemed Parents,  
Students, parents and teachers are the three pillars of this system. It is very important to get the support of parents in raising our children under better conditions. We will work in an effort to take this road in cooperation with you.
Dear Children,  
You are the future of this country. I want you to know that we have invested our efforts only for you. On this special day when we take a step for a bright future, I wish you success.
Building a strong future for our generations and supporting our national culture and civilization with modern knowledge and skills depends on a strong education system. In this sacred path, it is important to join forces against all kinds of difficulties, for the solution of any possible problem and for the future. Success is the outcome of common accord and systematic effort.  
On this occasion, I wish that the 2021-2022 education year will be a blessing for all students, teachers and parents.  
With health and love...

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